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Get started

This guide helps you with your first steps in Identity Cloud and leads you through the minimal configurations needed to get started.

Add your application

To get started, you first need to add one of your applications for which you want Identity Cloud to handle the signup and login.

Under Application management > Applications click Add application and provide all mandatory inputs to add your first application. For more information, see Add applications.

Single-page application

Configure the signup and login

After adding your application to Identity Cloud, move on to provide the minimal set of URLs needed for the signup and login to your application.

In Europe, the law requires companies that process any kind of identity data to get consent from their users first. For this reason, it is mandatory to provide URLs pointing to your application's terms of service and privacy policy. During signup to your application, your users need to confirm that they have read and accepted your application's terms of service and privacy policy.

Furthermore, it is also mandatory to provide a URL that points your users to a contact form or any other type of support page, in case they need support during the signup or login process.

Under Signup/Login > Branding provide the mandatory URLs. For more information, see Branding.


Configure the logout

Users need to visit the Logout URL to log out and terminate the session. Afterward, by default, your users are forwarded to the Default return URL. Alternatively, you can forward your users to any of the registered Allowed return URLs.

Under Settings > Global settings adapt the Default return URL to a URL of your choice, and provide a list of your Allowed return URLs. For more information, see Global settings.


Invite users

You have successfully added an application and attached the signup, login, and logout flow to this application. Your users can now self-register to your service using the signup flow, or you can directly invite users via email.

Under User management > Users click Create user to create and invite a user. For more information, see Create users and Invite users.

Create user

You have successfully completed the Identity Cloud setup and integrated it with your application.