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Brand elements

Under Signup/Login > Branding / Brand elements section of your Management console you can customize the branding of your Identity Cloud signup and login flows. Ensure your brand consistency by configuring your logo, brand color, and corporate font on the signup and login pages for your users.

Brand name

Enter your brand name under the Brand name field. It defines the title on your signup and login pages. The maximum length of a Brand name is 30 characters.


The Font is the writing style of text on your signup and login pages. You can select from the following fonts:

  • Roboto
  • Arial
  • Courier New
  • Verdana
  • Palatino
  • Trebuchet MS
  • Arial Black
  • Times New Roman

To get any other font, get in touch with us.

The Logo you add here is displayed on the header of your signup and login pages.

The maximum file size is 1 MB. Supported file formats are PNG, SVG, and GIF.

We recommend that you use a version of your logo with a transparent background.

Primary color

The Primary color is the color scheme of your signup and login pages. For example, it appears as the background color of buttons or as the text color for links.

Define the Primary color in hexadecimal color format.

Corner radius

The Corner radius defines the shape of buttons and input fields of your signup and login pages. The Corner radius must have a value between 0px and 25px.