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Under the Signup/Login > Branding / URLs section of your Management console you can provide URLs for your application's terms of service, privacy policy and support page.

In many countries, the law requires companies that process any kind of identity data to get consent from their users first. For this reason, it is mandatory to provide URLs pointing to your application's terms of service and privacy policy which your users need to confirm to have read and accepted during the signup process.

It is also mandatory to provide a URL that points your users to a contact form or another type of support page, in case they need support during the signup or login process.

  • The Terms of Service URL defines the URL of your terms of service.
  • The Privacy Policy URL defines the URL of your privacy policy.
  • The Support page URL defines the URL of your support page.

The maximum length of the URLs is 2048 characters.

After entering the URLs, you can click on the open in a new tab icons to navigate to the URLs.