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Version: 8.2405.x.x RR


nevisDataPorter is in Maintenance Mode and only receives important bug- and security fixes.

This page contains additional information regarding the compatibility of this component. See Quarterly Releases for general Nevis compatibility information.

End of Life Dates

See Quarterly Releases.

Component and Database*

nevisDataPorterMySQL JDBC DriverMaria JDBC DriverOracle JDBC DriverPostgreSQL JDBC Driver
2.16.+✅ Maria Connector J 2.1.2✅ 12.2.x✅ 42.6.x
  • The JDBCDataSource and JDBCDataSink is compatible with any JDBC driver, when on the classpath, but they are only tested with the previously stated drivers. The version denotes the included default JDBC driver version.

Component and Directory Server

nevisDataPorterActive Directory
2.16.+✅ Windows Server 2013

Component and Nevis

2.16.+✅ 2.74+✅ 3.6.0+

Note: 2.74+ means version 2.74 or later versions.

1) Using any of JMSEventSource, NevisIDMSource, NevisIDMHistorySource and NevisIDMSink. 2) Using the NevisAgentDataSink.