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Version: 7.2402.x.x RR


This page contains additional information regarding the compatibility of this component. See Quarterly Releases for general Nevis compatibility information.

End of Life Dates

See Quarterly Releases.

Component and Database

1.8.x.x✅ 10.3✅ 11g, 12c, 18c, 19c
1.16.x.x✅ 10.3✅ 18c, 19c
7.2402.0.x✅ 10.3✅ 18c, 19c✅ 15 (experimental)

Component and Nevis

nevisDetectnevisAuthnevisProxynevisIDMnevisAdmin v4
1.8.x.x✅ 4.32.0.x✅ 4.6.x✅ 2.82.0.x✅ 4.12.0.x (experimental)
1.16.x.x✅ 4.40.0.x✅ 5.5.x✅ 2.88.0.x✅ 4.20.x (experimental)
7.2402.0.x✅ 7.2402.0.x✅ 7.2402.0.x✅ 7.2402.0.x✅ 7.2402.0.x (experimental)

Component and BehavioSec

1.8.x.x4.3 - 5.5
1.16.x.x4.3 - 5.5
7.2402.0.x4.3 - 5.5