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Version: 2.202302.x.x RR


This page contains additional information regarding the compatibility of this component. See [Quarterly Releases] for general Nevis compatibility information.

End of Life Dates

See Quarterly Releases.

Component and Java Container

nevisIDMadnwildflystandalone *
2.75.x⚠️ Deprecated

*) Only on nevisAppliance v2, RHEL7.

Component and Database

2.75+✅ 10.3✅ 11g R2, 12c R1/R2, 18c, 19c
  • OnlyInnoDBis supported, no support forNDBorMySQL Cluster technologies.

Component and Nevis

2.75.x✅ 4.23.0+
2.75.6+✅ 4.25.3+
2.78.x✅ 4.23.0+
2.79.x+✅ 4.28.0+
2.82.x+✅ 4.32.0+
2.84.x+✅ 4.34.0+
  • Requiresnevisidmcl package to be installed on the nevisAuth server with the same version as nevisIDM.

See [nevisAdmin 3] for compatibility between nevisIDM and the component.