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Version: 7.2402.x.x RR


As of February 2020, nevisWorkflow will no longer be part of the Nevis Rolling Releases (RR). Support for nevisWorkflow in the Nevis Rolling Releases (RR) ended as of 19 Feb 2020.

As part of the Nevis Long-Term-Support . However, nevisWorkflow will not be part of future major LTS releases.

In case you are looking for alternatives to nevisWorkflow, consider the following:

  • Use any enterprise or open source BPMN ( engine, such as e.g. Activiti (` to implement your business workflows. Activiti can be setup together with web application frameworks like Spring Boot to replace nevisWorkflow.
  • To administer users and further entities in nevisIDM, use nevisIDM's REST or SOAP API. Refer to the [nevisIDM Client Developer Guide] for additional information on how nevisIDM client applications may be implemented. This page contains additional information regarding the compatibility of this component. See Quarterly Releases for general Nevis compatibility information.

End of Life Dates

See Quarterly Releases.

Component and Java Container

nevisWorkflowadnwildflyadnglassfishembedded jetty (standalone)
1.13.x✅ 10.1.x✅✅ 9.4.14
  • Fully support with MariaDB / Preview with Oracle

Component and Database

1.13.x⚠️ 5.6, 5.7 Deprecated✅ 10.3✅ 12c, 18c, 19c
  • OnlyInnoDBis supported, no support forNDB,**MySQL ClusterorGalera Cluster technologies.

Component and Nevis / Activiti Engine

nevisWorkflownevisIDM*Activiti Engine
  • Requiresnevisidmcl package to be installed on the nevisAuth server with the same version as nevisIDM.

See nevisWorkflow for compatibility between nevisIDM and the component.