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Version: 2.8.x.x RR

QR Code

A QR code is a convenient alternative to push messages if the end user has access to two different devices during operations. This is a prerequisite for using QR codes, because the code needs to be scanned by the mobile application.


The end user has access to a web application that displays the QR code generated by the Nevis backend or by a third-party system.

How it Works

Out-of-Band Operations with QR Codes

The example use case in the above figure shows how QR codes work. The numbers in the figure correspond with the numbers of the description below.

  1. The end user opens the web page on a desktop browser and initiates an out-of-band operation. As the end user does not have push notifications available (for any of the above-mentioned reasons), the web application offers an alternative possibility in the form of a QR code.
  2. The end user opens the app and scans the displayed QR code.
  3. The desired operation starts.
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