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Version: 7.2402.x.x RR


nevisPortal is EOL (End of Life) since 15 May 2019 and is no longer supported. Customers should use the nevisIDM SOAP and REST APIs as an alternative. On the nevisAppliance, the component was already deprecated with the 2.201711 release in November 2017.

End of Life Dates

Nevis Rolling Release (RR)

nevisPortalNevis ClusterRelease DateEnd of RR Production SupportEnd of RR Fade-Out SupportStatus Feb 201607 Jun 201619 Oct 2016EOL Jul 201619 Oct 201608 Nov 2017EOL Oct 201608 Nov 201715 May 2019EOL (

Component and Operating System

nevisPortalnevisAppliance v2RedHat 5*RedHat 6*RedHat 7*SLES 10*SLES 11*SLES 12*
  • Tested with latest available service patch level.

Component and JVM

nevisPortaladnjdk18OpenJDK 1.8.0✅ 1.8.0u152*✅ 1.8.0u191+
  • This is the last supportedadnjdk18 version provided, as 1.8.0u172 has some incompatibilities.

Component and Java Container