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Version: 2.202308.x.x RR

2023-Q3: RR Upgrade (August 2023)

Major version

Version: 2.202308

Lifecycle dates

Minor VersionGeneral AvailabilityEnd of Full SupportEnd of Fade-Out Support
2.202308.1071Sep 25, 2023Nov 14, 2023Feb 20, 2024
2.202308.1067Aug 30, 2023Nov 14, 2023Feb 20, 2024
2.202308.1064Aug 22, 2023Nov 14, 2023Feb 20, 2024
2.202308.1063Aug 17, 2023Nov 14, 2023Feb 20, 2024

Breaking changes and required actions

The following components have breaking changes compared to the previous release, or require specific actions. For more information, see the Release Notes of each listed component.

  • nevisProxy: Set-Cookie headers coming from the backends are now passed unchanged to the frontend except if a filter or servlet modifies one of the cookie attributes. On previous releases, they may have been parsed and either the expiry date (due to a wrong format) or the order of the fields could have changed.
  • nevisProxy: For on premises installations without nevisadmin4 the systemd configuration file has changed in order to support graceful shutdown. This may have an impact if an instance could not have been shut down properly.
  • nevisProxy: Because of an improvement in the IdentityCreationFilter with OriginalUrl.Enable to true and InterceptionRedirect to never, requests without a body will not generate a redirect any longer after a successful authentication, but the original request will be sent directly to the backend.
  • nevisAuth: Database changes fixing timezone issues.
  • nevisFIDO: Database changes fixing timezone issues and other changes related to FIDO2 sessions.
  • nevisIdm: Credential validity date calculation changed.
  • nevisMeta: Database configuration properties changed.
  • nevisAdmin4: Change in REST Api and RSA/SHA1 signature algorithm is disabled for ssh connection.

Every RR (minor and major) may contain breaking changes. See the release notes of the component you are upgrading. You should always stay up to date on the RR branch. If there are multiple releases between your current version and the version you are upgrading to, consult the release notes of each version.

Component versions

The following versions are part of this release. All of them are under Full Support until the next RR upgrade becomes available.

ComponentArtifact nameVersion**RHEL 6*RHEL 7*RHEL 8*SLES 11*SLES 12*SLES 15*
nevisAdmin 4nevisadmin44.20.0.13





*) Tested with the latest available patch level.

**) Versions in bold changed compared to the previous quarterly release.

Third-party dependencies

The following third-party software is often used by Nevis components. Some of the software is included within nevisAppliance.

Below you find the latest supported versions.

Third-Party SoftwareVersion
JVM (OpenJDK)✅ 1.8.0u382-b05 ❌ 1.8.0u292+
MariaDB✅ 10.3
Kubernetes✅ 1.27

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps and the Mobile SDK are released independently of the quarterly releases. Refer to the following pages:

  • Nevis Mobile Authentication Client SDK
  • Nevis Access App