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Using roles, you can logically group permissions, and assign permissions to users by adding them to such groups.


Roles in Identity Cloud are for users only. To manage admin roles, go to the Nevis Portal.

Under User management > Roles, you have the following options to configure roles:

In the role list, all roles are listed. The number of roles is limited to 50 globally.

Role list

Create or edit role

No prerequisite is needed to create roles, and roles do not depend on applications.

Give a Name and a Description for the role. This creates a custom role, and what the role does exactly depends on you.

Create role


The role Name has to be unique, and can contain alphanumeric characters and underscore only. The length of the Name is maximum 30 characters.


Adding a Description is optional. If set, a good Description helps fellow admins identify what the role does. The length of the Description is maximum 120 characters.

Assign permission

You can assign and unassign permissions to a role.

Assign permission

Assigned permissions are ordered by application, and alphabetically within that.

There is no limit of permission assignment to roles.

If you do not see any permissions to be assigned, create your first permission in the Permissions tab of an application.

Delete role

If you click on a role, you can delete the role after a confirmation.


Roles are deleted globally in Identity Cloud. That means that the role is no longer connected to the corresponding permission, or users.

Delete role

If needed, you can create a new role in Identity Cloud with the same Name again.