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Integrating Zendesk

Zendesk Support

You can integrate your existing Zendesk Support instance with Identity Cloud to provide authentication for your customers. They can log in to Zendesk via Identity Cloud and start creating a ticket right away.


Only your customers (Zendesk end-users) can sign up and log in to Zendesk using Identity Cloud. Your team members (Zendesk administrators, agents, account owners etc.) are still managed directly via your Zendesk console.


You need to have a running Zendesk Support service and you need administrative access to the account.

Enabling SAML SSO

Using Nevis Identity Cloud with Zendesk Support involves creating a new Integration in Identity Cloud and configuring Zendesk to use it for signup and login.

  1. In the Identity Cloud management console, go to Integrations.
  2. In the list of available integrations, find Zendesk and click + Install.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. From the Install Zendesk integration window, note down the SAML SSO URL and Certificate fingerprint for later use.
  5. In a separate tab, log in to your Zendesk instance with an administrative account.
  6. Open Account > Security > Single sign-on.
  7. Select Enabled for SAML.
  8. Paste your SAML SSO URL and Certificate fingerprint in the appropriate field.
  9. Click Save.
Zendesk SSO Configuration
  1. Copy your Zendesk instance name.
  2. Return to your Identity Cloud console and paste the Zendesk instance in the Zendesk instance field, in section 2. Copy data from Zendesk.
  3. Click Save.
Add Zendesk integration

Testing End-User SSO to Zendesk

After setting up the integration of your Zendesk instance with Identity Cloud, you can test that your customers can access Zendesk with Identity Cloud SSO.


To test the login to Zendesk for an end-user you should

  • either use a different browser as used to access and configure your Zendesk instance with your administrative account or
  • use an incognito or private window

To test the end-user SSO to Zendesk:

  1. Set up your Zendesk help center if not done yet. Go to and perform the steps to set up your Zendesk help center.
  2. In an incognito or private window, open your Zendesk help center
  3. On the top right click Sign In. You will be redirected to the Identity Cloud signup / login.
  4. Log in with an existing end-user or sign up a new end-user.
  5. After successful login or signup you are redirected back to your Zendesk help center.
  6. You are now logged in to your Zendesk help center. On the top right you will see the username of the logged-in end-user.

For more information in enabling SSO in Zendesk, see Zendesk docs on Enabling SAML single sign-on.