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Version: 7.2402.x.x RR

Version Control in Projects using Git

Version Control in nevisAdmin 4

Each configuration project is stored in the local nevisAdmin 4 database. For version control purposes, you can export the project data as a set of files. The files contain the configured patterns, the project variables, and the dependencies. See "Configuration Project Directory Structure and YAML File Formats using Git" for a description of the file formats.

nevisAdmin 4 relies on Git as the remote version control system. For each versioned project, nevisAdmin 4 tracks the specified Git repository URL and branch name (which can also be the master). For unversioned projects, no URL/branch is defined.

The repository URL must use the SSH protocol. HTTPS is not supported.

Initial Git Setup

The version control system must be compatible with Git:

  • See System Requirements for a list of Git systems that nevisAdmin 4 has been tested with.
  • See Git Setup and Best Practices for configuring the credentials needed to connect to the Git server.

Internally, nevisAdmin 4 uses a small subset of Git features related to checkout, commit and push operations. For this, nevisAdmin 4 relies on the third party jgit library. This implies that any known limitations for that library also apply to nevisAdmin 4.

Working with Version Control in Projects

The following chapters show you how to work with projects with version control:

  • Importing a Project from Git
  • Connecting Projects to Git
  • Publishing Projects to Git
  • Updating a Project from Git
  • Branching a Project in Git
  • Clear Local Changes
  • Revert Project