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View user details

The administrator can see details about users under User management > Users in the Management console. The details of a user include

  • information on their recent activity;
  • their status;
  • their profile details:
    • personal information;
    • authentication methods;
    • roles.

User states

The user's state is listed beside them in the listed view of the users under User management > Users, under the Status column. The different states and their meanings are as detailed below.

States before completing the signup

  • Not invited: The user has no invitation.
  • Pending invitation: The user has a pending invitation.
  • Expired invitation: The user has an expired invitation.

States after completing the signup

  • Active: The user is active.
  • Blocked: The user is blocked.

Recent activity

The Recent activity field is updated with information on the last login date and time, after every login by the user.

Access user details

In the user list, click View more in the more options menu to view the details of a user.

View more

The user details page includes the following main areas:

  • Personal data
  • Authentication methods
  • Roles

Personal data

On the Personal data tab, all user attributes can be seen.

Personal data in the user details

It is possible to create Custom user attributes as well.

User personal data can be edited and managed as explained under Edit user details

Authentication methods

On the Authentication methods tab, all authentication methods of a user can be seen and managed. Read more about the authentication methods supported in Identity Cloud.

Authentication methods in the user details

User authentication methods can be and managed as explained under Edit user details


On the Roles tab, all roles assigned to the user can be seen and managed.

User roles can be managed as explained under Edit user details.