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Personal data

Under the Personal data tab of the user profile, the administrator can edit the attributes of the user.

Personal data in the user details

Edit personal data

To edit a user:

  1. Go to User management > Users.
  2. Select a user.
  3. Click View more in the more options menu of the user.
  4. Click the Personal data tab, and edit any user attribute.
  5. Save the changes to apply them.

Attribute changes that impact authentication

Changing the following attributes of a user impact their login and authentication flow.

Changing the email address

The email address (username) of the user is used for automatic account linking. If the email is changed, then the user can only log in with the new email address.

Changing the phone number

The phone is used as a second factor in multi-factor authentication. If the phone number is changed, and SMS is enabled as an authentication method, then the user can only log in with the new phone number.